Helen Bennett - The Menopause Therapist

Hello, I'm Helen Bennett. I’m a counsellor specialising in menopause, hormone, fertility and perinatal issues and a clinical supervisor for therapists.

Hello, I'm Helen

I’m a counsellor specialising in menopause, hormone, fertility and perinatal issues and a clinical supervisor for therapists.

I support people suffering symptoms of the menopause transition and/or hormone issues such as PMDD, and help them navigate this time of physical and mental change.

I work with people experiencing infertility, miscarriage and loss, and help clients struggling with perinatal issues.

Struggling to understand and accept what is happening to you?

Are hormonal changes playing havoc with your brain and body?

Loss, anxiety, depression or anger? Not feeling like YOU?

I provide a safe, confidential space for you to explore your situation or issues and the impact on your mental health, relationships, sense of self, life plans, career and more.

Menopause is not just hot flushes and insomnia

Whether you are in natural perimenopause/menopause or encountering the hormonal effects of surgical or chemical menopause, the multitude of symptoms and their impact on your physical and mental health are unpredictable and can be extremely debilitating.

all women should feel listened to and supported through the menopause - none of us should struggle alone.

Symptoms of hormonal syndromes such as PMDD often intensify in the perimenopause period impacating home lives, work and relationships. Neurodivergent people often find their coping strategies fail in menopause as lowered oestrogen impacts dopamine and seratonin (our 'feel-good' hormones).

Many of us only start to understand the health impact of our own hormone changes and menopause transition after diagnosis, when symptoms we had no idea were linked to low hormones start to make sense.

There is no ‘too young’

Contrary to popular belief, the menopause transition isn’t limited to women in their 50s. Our ovaries can stop functioning normally at any age (POI/Premature Ovarian Insufficiency if under 40 years old, Early Menopause if under 45), causing physical, emotional and psychological difficulties.

In the future the menopause will not be shameful or embarrassing. Hormonal changes will be understood by our wider society and prioritised by medical professionals.

Counselling for fertility issues

Infertility is isolating and many of us don’t know where to turn to feel understood. Difficulties conceiving, miscarriage, baby loss, or fertility diagnoses can cause devastating feelings of shock, loss, grief, shame or despair, and can impact your sense of self and your relationships.

You may feel stuck in stasis while friends' and families’ lives are progressing. You may have difficult decisions to make about your body and your future. You may be worried about stress, and how fertility investigations might impact your working life. Perhaps you need support coping with IVF or other fertility treatments.

Finding a safe space to talk through how you are feeling with a qualified professional counsellor can help support you through these difficult times.

I understand the shock and devastation of miscarriage and infertility, and the fear of what lies ahead.

Counselling can support you as an individual or a couple to talk about your situation, process your experiences, understand their impact and make decisions for what lies ahead.

Your life, your needs

While most people come to me because they are experiencing menopause, hormanal, perinatal or fertility issues or they have suffered miscarriage or loss, the topics they bring to our sessions often relate to other areas in their lives such as relationships, childhood experiences, trauma or mental health issues such as anxiety or depression.

Our bodies can be messy and confusing and can let us down. Clients may raise problems in counselling that they have never spoken to anyone else about before because of feelings of embarrassment or shame, but there is no ‘TMI’ in fertility and menopause counselling. The whole of you and your experience are welcome in our sessions together.

If you have not seen a counsellor before, don't worry, you won't be under any pressure to share anything you don't feel ready to talk about. Find out what to expectin counselling.